St. B’s 2019 Science Fair

On March 13, 2019, St. Bernard’s celebrated science with the annual Science Fair.  With nearly fifty Middle and Upper School boys participating and all 377 students in attendance, the small gym was bustling with activity all morning.  Parents and teachers joined in the fun and visited the many booths throughout the fair.
Topics ranged from pizza to magnetic levitation.  Working in pairs or on their own boys tested different theories and kept track of their findings.  Experiments were conducted on glow-sticks, gummies, candies of all shapes and sizes, and video games.  Boys built a wind tunnel, an air conditioner, and an electro-magnetic train.  Some boys deconstructed an X-box controller while others analyzed memory and concentration.  A rubber egg even made an appearance!  The boys had a terrific time talking about their projects and sharing their discoveries.  It was a memorable morning filled with energy and lots of science.  

Congratulations to all of the participants!  Special thanks to the science department and to the maintenance department for making this event just right.