Fourth Grade Visits the Liberty Science Center

By Alexi M., Grade IV
On a frosty February day, the fourth grade and some selected parents went to the Liberty Science Center.  The center is located in Jersey City and is an interactive museum where you learn science while having fun. 

One of the exhibits was a hurricane simulator, in which we sat up close to one hundred mile per hour winds and rain.  It was so dangerous that we were not allowed to stand up due to the risk of being blown away.  Though it was very wet and soggy, most of us liked it a lot.  We also experienced some of the heights that construction workers encounter.  We had to walk around a steel rectangle that was suspended fifteen feet above the ground.  We all wore harnesses, so we were perfectly safe, but those with a fear of heights winced at the floor that was far away from them.  At the end, all the school groups at the center gathered around in a planetarium, where we learned about stars in the night sky.  Did you know that in three billion years the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies will merge?  I didn’t until our field trip, which was so enjoyed by all on that frigid day in February.