St. B’s Buddies

An important aspect of the St. B’s experience is the daily interaction between younger and older students.  While much of this happens naturally in a school shared by all school levels, there are also some structured activities that encourage collaborations between different age groups.  A favorite among many students is the buddy program.
The buddy program pairs first graders with seventh graders and establishes the framework for a two-year friendship to develop between Junior and Upper School students.  First graders are giddy with excitement on the day they get to meet their buddies.  Second graders receive hand-written letters from their eighth-grade buddies in the fall.  Throughout the school year buddies make sandwiches and bagged lunches to donate to New York Common Pantry.  In the spring they explore the Multicultural Fair together.  They play games together, interview each other, offer advice, and have fun.  Genuine mentorship and friendship flourish as St. B’s buddies progress through each school year.