Robert Miyahara '90

I have been working at the intersection of finance, technology, the United States, and Japan since graduating from Princeton.  Professionally I have been able to experience firsthand the upheaval caused by the Asian financial crisis, the boom and bust (and boom again) of venture capital technology investment, and the building of some amazing companies in Silicon Valley.  After moving back and forth between Tokyo and Silicon Valley for over fifteen years, I have now settled in northern California with my wife and two kids.

Especially relevant to this day and age, I was the child of first generation immigrants to America. St. Bernard's provided me with a great education.  More importantly, attending St. Bernard's triggered a series of opportunities that have allowed me to explore the world more fully and more meaningfully than I could have ever believed was possible.  I will forever be grateful for all that St. Bernard's has done for me and can only hope that I can raise others as people have done for me. 

In the eighth grade, a group of us would play football after school on Fridays in Central Park.  Much to the dismay of the parents who hosted us in their homes after the games, we would play regardless of the weather.  Many of us went on to play varsity sports in high school.  I attribute our athletic successes to the grit and skills that we honed during those Friday afternoons. 
Latin was my least favorite subject at St. Bernard's.  Many a tear was shed to Mr. Austin and Mr. Caslon.  It was only later that I discovered the beauty of Horace and the raw, crude humor of Catullus.  In retrospect, if it was not for the foundation that was built at St. Bernard's, I would have missed out on an amazing experience later in my academic life.
While the greater-than-life personalities of Mr. Austin, Mr. Lord, and Mr. King-Wood will remain with me always, the combination of his insistence on excellence coupled with his kind heart made Mr. Westcott one of the most influential teachers that I have ever had. 
Embrace your time at St. Bernard's ̶ you will learn so much.  But know that this is still the beginning of a wonderful journey and there is even more to learn thereafter.