Michael Aduboffour '13

After St. Bernard's I began attending Groton School in the Fall of 2013.  I played football from 9th through 11th grade, starting on Varsity my junior year, and I've spent all my time here as a sprinter for Groton's Track & Field team, of which I am now a captain.

I am the founder of Groton Freestyle Group, and we host biweekly meetings known as Freestyle Friday where we engage in a freestyle rap cypher for an hour or so.  On top of that, this year I am one of Groton's four senior prefects, which is just a fancy title for the school's four student body co-presidents.  During the summer I work as an advisor for the students now going through Prep for Prep, the incredible program that placed me into St. Bernard's six years ago.  As for the future, in December I received early admission to Harvard University, and I was awarded UNC Chapel Hill's Morehead-Cain Scholarship in mid-March.  It took time, but I ultimately decided Harvard would be a better fit for me, and I look forward to exploring Cambridge this fall.  I hope to major in economics and minor in music during my college years.
My favorite memory of St. Bernard's takes me back to first day at the school, in 7th grade.  Being the new kid, I expected to experience a gradual welcoming into the student body. However, from the moment my homeroom teacher, Mr. Hurd, introduced me to our class, my classmates went out of their way to make me feel like a part of the St. Bernard's family.  The foremost memory in my mind when I think back to St. Bernard's is when I was standing in one of the corners of the recess deck kicking around a soccer ball and then my classmate Dylan Nagle ̶ still one of my best friends to this day ̶ walked over to me, introduced himself, and told me it was great to have me at the school.  That encounter showed to me, on my first day at St. Bernard's, that it was a school filled with exceptionally kindhearted, considerate young people.
My favorite class was 8th grade Advanced Latin.  Mr. Hauser's class presented me with a combination of challenge, humor, and excitement. I've still never enjoyed Latin as much as I had with Mr. Hauser's teaching, despite the fact that I was only in that class for the last month and a half of my St. Bernard's career.
Mr. Hauser, Mr. Hurd, and Mr. Pennoyer, are the first teachers that come to mind when I think of St. B's.  Each of them contributed to my St. B's experience immensely and each in his own way.  Mr. Hauser blessed me with my favorite class at St. Bernard's.  Mr. Hurd afforded me the opportunity for an unforgettable summer school experience at Phillips Exeter Academy; he introduced the possibility to me and guided me through the entire application process.  Mr. Pennoyer was so personally invested in my high school application process that he took the time to drive me to tour all the boarding schools on my list, and ̶ understanding that I had much greater interest in boarding schools than day schools ̶ worked tirelessly to convince my mother to entertain that option.  Without him, in spite of any boarding school acceptances, my mother would certain have forced me to attend a day school these past four years.
I advise current students to make the most of the resource they have in the remarkable St. Bernard's faculty.  Of course, my St. Bernard's friends remain among my best friends, but I believe my teachers made my two years there so special.  I can say with confidence that if a student needs some sort of assistance, be it academic, emotional, or social, the St. Bernard's faculty will be there to help. Students ought to know they can take advantage of that.