Ijah Mondesire-Crump, M.D. ’98 is a physician and researcher, with a passion to advance healthcare with innovative technologies.  He currently works as the vice president of Clinical Affairs at nQ Medical, a medical device company that develops AI assisted software for the remote management of neurodegenerative disease.  In his role he is responsible for spearheading clinical projects and operations work to realize novel care delivery models.

Following medical school at Mount Sinai, he completed internship training in general surgery at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt before taking on clinical research roles in multiple departments (Brain Tumor Center, Neuro-oncology, Pediatric Ophthalmic Oncology) at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  As part of a longstanding history of basic and clinical research, he has authored articles in the fields of immunology, neurology, and oncology.

In his free time, Ijah enjoys hiking and backpacking with his wife and dog.  His professional interests include industry consulting, health focused venture capital, and investing.
When asked about his time at St. Bernard’s Dr. Mondesire-Crump shared the following:
St. Bernard’s provided me access to an unmatched educational foundation; not only did I learn challenging academic content, but also an analytical framework to succeed in the sciences and beyond.  St. Bernard’s’ pedagogical methodology gave me enough structure to stay focused on my studies, but also allowed enough flexibility and creativity to apply what I was learning in new contexts.  Through my education at St. Bernard’s, I learned the values of tradition and appreciation for other cultures; I was exposed to different ways of thinking that I still appreciate and utilize to this day.  In addition, many of my current interests were cultivated at St. Bernard’s, including love for the natural sciences, sports and chess.  When I return to campus, I always feel known and at home  ̶  I deeply appreciate the sense of family that the school continues to foster in my life.  Harvard may be my university alma mater, but St. Bernard’s is my first alma mater.