(written in 2013)

Michael Ivkov ’12 is currently enrolled in Harvard College and recently completed his freshman year.  Along with economics, he studies German and Ancient Greek language and literatures. Prior to enrolling, he championed the Harvard debate tournament as a junior at the Trinity School.  He also won the St. Bernard’s speech contest as an eighth grader. 

When asked about his time at St. Bernard’s Mr. Ivkov shared the following:

My favorite memories come from Mr. Feldman's sixth grade class.  He was a friend to his students before a teacher or a figure of authority.  His relationship gave him the best insight into his students' lives and troubles; I think about him and the advice he gave me all the time.
My favorite class was Mr. Pennoyer's History of Greece and Rome in the 7th grade; it was rigorous, but taught through ancient stories that still inform my knowledge of the classics to this day.
My favorite teacher was Ms. Savage in third grade.  She had our class completely under her spell.
I owe a great deal to St. Bernard’s, which fostered my love for literature and taught me public speaking, the intricacies of the natural world, and a variety of wonderful disciplines (such as reading Latin!).  But, I’m most grateful for the lifelong friends I made at St. Bernard’s; with time, our class grows closer and our respect for St. Bernard’s only becomes deeper.