This semester St. B’s offered its first class in 3D printing.  Ms. Oduro taught boys in grade VII how to use Tinkercad software to design 3D renderings that could then be printed out on the new 3D printers.  Boys designed three projects over the semester:  a shield, a building, and a free design.  The boys’ creativity shone through in all three projects.

Some of the buildings that were rendered in miniature were the Eiffel Tower, Lincoln Center, the Lotus Temple, and Indian Parliament.  For the free design project, boys’ projects included a desk complete with computer and a group of Minions mid-battle, among others.

Each boy printed one of his three designs in red, blue, green, white, orange, or gray material.  After the piece was printed, boys had to remove extra material that had been added as structural support until it dried.  The level of detail in all of the final builds is impressive.  The boys are excited to show off their 3D models at the Spring Art Show in early May.