St. B’s Science/Technology Fair transformed the fifth floor on Monday, April 18, 2016.  There were magnets, lasers and mirrors, lasers and flour, computers built from scratch, and all sorts of computer coding used in a variety of ways.  Did you hear about the wind tunnel?  The wind tunnel was made from a leaf blower to test and measure the lift on custom-designed wing models.

Two boys discovered that waltz music affects gerbils as they run through a maze and somehow encourages them to move faster.  A pair of Upper School boys tested for germs around the school and presented their findings in a chart.  Another pair of boys tried their hands at molecular gastronomy and created spheres of cranberry juice, ginger ale, and Coca Cola that people enjoyed sampling.  Other popular demonstrations included a homemade drone that flew around Ms. Dreux’s classroom, a demonstration of what a supernovae looks like using tennis and ping pong balls, and a fully-operational robotic hand made from NXT bricks, motors, and sensors.

All of the boys were knowledgeable about their areas of expertise, and it was a pleasure to learn about their procedures, methods, and conclusions.  Thanks to the science and technology teachers who assisted students with their projects.  Congratulations to all of the participants!