Leadership Opportunities

St. Bernard’s boys are given many opportunities to lead.  As early as Middle School, boys may be voted as captains of their intramural teams or as representatives to Student Council, which meets with the Headmaster every other week.  School clubs, such as the Environment Club, the Math Club, and the Astronomy Club, give the boys a chance to actively pursue a subject they care about.  They organize drives and help educate their fellow classmates about particular issues. St. Bernard’s seventh and eighth graders participate in the annual Packer Model Congress each spring.  All eighth graders participate in St. Bernard’s Debating Society, and each year they elect presiding officers from their class.
On Track is a leadership and educational empowerment program for students of color in Grades V-VIII.  St. Bernard’s boys of color are offered and have taken advantage of the unique opportunity to participate in the Saturday program.  The goals of On Track are: to enhance self-esteem and social awareness in students, thereby improving overall school achievement and performance; to create an opportunity for students of color from different independent schools throughout the city create a social network; to develop strategic thinking and math applications for everyday life; to enhance leadership skills; to improve study skills, writing, and public speaking.