Guest Speakers

Speakers can enrich learning, and boys in every grade have the opportunity to hear speakers on a wide range of topics in the classroom or assembly.  Each year an author speaks to all of the boys thanks to the generous Kronengold Authors Fund, which was founded by a group of Old Boys in 2016.

Recent speakers and performers for all-school assemblies have included a woman who marched in Selma, Maasai warriors from Tanzania, shadow puppeteers from France, an Olympian Jamaican bobsledder, and musical groups.  In addition to all-school assemblies, Upper School boys are invited to hear speakers in a smaller setting.  Recent speakers include Yuyutsu Sharma, a Nepalese poet; Sebastian Meyer, an Old Boy and photojournalist in Iraq; a Libyan refugee who is studying medicine; author Mark Goldblatt; a St. Bernard’s School grandparent, who led a discussion on the Middle East; and two speakers from the Brookings Institute, an independent research institution that provides innovative and practical recommendations for policymakers.