Class Trips

A St. Bernard’s education also offers boys in all grades many opportunities to learn about the world beyond 98th Street.  Our teachers plan trips to places here in New York and much farther afield.

Kindergarteners are active in visiting points of interest around the city, including trips to the Cloisters, the Fire Zone, the Met Breuer, and the Museum of Modern Art.  Older Junior School boys visit the Museum of the City of New York, the Tenement Museum, the American Ballet Theater, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art to enhance their study of history.

In the Middle School, fourth grade boys gain skills in cooperation and leadership at the Taconic Outdoor Education Center and visit the South Street Seaport.  Sixth graders visit West Point and spend several days exploring Philadelphia and the battlefields of Gettysburg to enhance their study of American history.

In the Upper School, the eighth grade has traveled to Alaska, the Grand Canyon, and Ecuador, and the ninth graders have gone to Cuba, France, Italy, India, Japan, Spain, Morocco, and Kenya.