Tuition & Financial Aid

St. Bernard’s is committed to admitting and enrolling the most qualified students, regardless of circumstances.  Every year St. Bernard’s sets aside a generous sum for financial aid.  Almost twenty percent of the student body receives financial aid.  Grants are given on the basis of need, with the expectation that recipients will make good use of their educational opportunities.  Each case is given individual consideration by the financial aid committee, based on information that the parents and the School and Student Services by NAIS forms provide.  All information supplied is held in strict confidence.

All families are required to complete the Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) by NAIS.  Financial Aid Application materials for 2016-2017 are available at these links:
You may request hard copies of the PFS form and workbook through contacting our admissions office.  In addition, St. Bernard’s also requires the following documents:
  • 2015 United States 1040 form(s) and all schedules
  • 2015 W-2 Forms
  • A signed, undated IRS Form 4506 for each tax return filed
Other supplemental forms are often required depending on individual family circumstances.

Financial aid documents for current families need to be completed and submitted to St. Bernard’s no later than March 3.  For applicant families applying for financial aid, all paperwork must be received by January 17.

Tuition for the school year 2016-2017 is $44,000.  This includes lunch, books, supplies, and other expenses.

Admission to St. Bernard’s is need-blind.  Applications for admission are evaluated without regard to financial need.