The technology program is one of steady growth and change.  From kindergarten through ninth grade, boys and their teachers find innovative and productive ways to integrate technology into their work.  Classrooms are equipped with projectors, computers, and SMART Boards for both group and individual work.  Boys in kindergarten through second grade make use of technology through their unit-based projects, use of related websites, and worksheets designed for each class.  Third graders learn touch-typing and word processing.  In the fourth grade boys do much of their creative writing at the computers: they also begin research for history in the lab, using a variety of reference materials, including encyclopedia and online databases.  Fifth graders take a programming course using MicroWorlds, a geometry-based programming language designed for children, and LEGO Robotics.  As part of the sixth grade’s American history course, students do research, write outlines and papers, and create presentations.  They make use of a variety of programs, including Inspiration and PowerPoint.  In the Upper School students can choose to study programming, animation, web design, and photo editing.

Special subject areas have integrated technology into their curricula as well.  Math classes use SMART Boards, graphing calculators, iPads, and geometry software.  Science classes use the labs frequently for simulations, research, and presentations.  Boys use iPads in the library to reinforce their lessons and for enjoyment.  Students’ projects, trips, and work are featured on the website for everyone’s access.  The school’s library catalogue is also available to everyone.