A contribution to St. Bernard’s makes every aspect of educating St. Bernard’s boys possible.
It allows the teachers to incorporate Chromebooks and iPads in their class lessons. It enables the kindergarten to visit New York City’s various museums, the sixth grade to trek to Gettysburg, and the ninth grade to travel to Japan. It supports the publication of the Budget, the school’s literary magazine, and the Keg, the school’s yearbook.
Donations from our parents, Old Boys, faculty and staff, grandparents, and friends have helped us to:

• hire the finest teachers
• provide exceptional instruction
• allow our boys and coaches achieve success on the playing fields.
Every dollar counts.  Fill out the form on this page to make a contribution to St. Bernard’s today.  Thank you for your support.

Click here to read the 2016-2017 Headmaster's Letter.
Meet the Development Office
Dean Kripalani
Director of Development
(212) 289-2878 ext. 354

Roger Barrientos
Database Manager
(212) 289-2878 ext. 323

Kate Fiscus
Director of Old Boys
(212) 289-2878 ext. 357

Corinne Nelson
Director of Communications
(212) 289-2878 ext. 356