Junior Old Boys Lunch 2018

by Zeno Dancanet ’18
There are few things as heartwarming as getting together with old friends, and the Junior Old Boys Lunch accomplishes just that.  The St. Bernard’s Junior Old Boys Lunch is one of the most important traditions the school has, bringing together old friends who have forged, at minimum, a decade-long friendship within the school.  
I was most excited to return because I wanted to see my St. B’s teachers and friends.  The fact that so many people return to St. Bernard’s proves how much the bonds formed within its walls really means to people.  It is difficult to explain the sensation of being in the small gym again, not as a student dressed in gym clothes doing your push-ups, but as an Old Boy.  While nearing the final months of the eighth grade, the word Old Boy was mentioned, and the excitement of finally being designated an Old Boy was all I could think about.  Finally arriving at my first Junior Old Boy Lunch is something so surreal that words could not do it justice.

Thank you to all of the teachers and Kate Fiscus, Director of Old Boys, who welcomed us back to St. Bernard’s!