Manga Drawing with Misako Rocks

Thanks to the Community Gathering Committee, St. Bernard’s had a visit from Misako Rocks, a Japanese artist and author.  

Ms. Rocks has published several books in Japan, and her most recent book, Bounce Back, was selected as one of the 2021 Best Graphic Novels for Children by the American Library Association.  Bounce Back is a graphic novel about a young Japanese girl moving to the United States and trying to fit in her new school.  Ms. Rocks is a Manga artist (manga is Japanese for "comics").  Manga is popular all over the world and now outsells traditional comic books.  

Ms. Rocks spoke to each division about the art of manga and taught them how to draw a manga character.  The boys were able to follow along with their own sketches.  Ms. Rocks took questions from the boys and her exuberant spirit made for a fun-filled morning.  Boys in Middle and Upper schools each received a signed copy of Bounce Back which they read in anticipation of today’s visit. 

Many thanks to the Parents Association for putting together the event and to Misako Rocks for sharing her talents with us.