Back to School

St. Bernard’s began its 118th school year on September 9.  We welcomed 14 new boys into the older grades and the new kindergarten class had a successful start a few days later.

Of course there are the now-familiar COVID protocols in place like mask wearing and Zoom assemblies, but the year feels remarkably “normal” compared to last year.  The boys are moving throughout the school during the day for art and science classes.  Revered spaces like the music and carpentry rooms are finally back in action.  Another big improvement over last year is lunch.  Boys no longer have to eat at their desks, but eat in either the dining room or the medium gym, which has been converted into a lunch room.  Finally, Middle and Upper School boys are also looking forward to the return of sports teams; soccer tryouts began today.  

With optimistic determination, students and faculty embark on a new academic year.  Here’s to a year like no other.