The Old Boys Diversity Council’s Night (Club) of Diversity and Inclusion Networking Event

by Nadine Thomas, Diversity Coordinator

Some of our warmest memories can be linked to the place we call home.  Home is usually a place where you have a special bond that is thought of with fondness and security and sometimes summed up as “home is where the heart is.”  Many places may make us  feel at home, like the house we grew up in, the city where we have positioned our roots, or the school that sits snugly between Madison and Fifth.

Many of our school day memories housed in the school we call home can fade with age, but for others the memories can be as vivid as the present day.  Memories that are clearly happy or memories that evoke unmistakable sadness seem to be the ones we can recall with the greatest ease.  On May 12, 2017, several alumni recalled some of their school day memories rooted in the place they call home during the inaugural Old Boys Diversity Council’s Diversity and Inclusion Networking Event.  The alumni speakers shared their memories of classmates, career choices, and the journey of their younger years while relating their experiences to the importance of diversity.  It was a unique night for networking, recollection, reflection, action, and awareness.  
The atmosphere was cheerful as classmates reconnected and comments like “remember when you...” could be heard in The Black Lodge, a Prince Street nightclub owned by Jack Mulqueen ’03.  The venue choice was intentional and significant to the Old Boys Diversity Council (OBDC) who wanted to showcase the establishment of an old boy for this networking event that highlighted the careers of Justin Brown ’96, Ijah Mondesire-Crump ’98, and Gifford Miller ’83.  Miklos Vasarhelyi ’96, the newest OBDC member, introduced the speakers for the evening.  Old boy after old boy walked down the stairs of The Black Lodge to the greeting area, each one surveyed the room for a familiar face, and were most curious about the night’s content.
It is no secret that St. Bernard’s has one of the strongest alumni networks in the city, particularly for an elementary school, and the OBDC hopes to contribute to that success.  The Old Boys Diversity Council has appreciated the support of The Old Boys Council and especially for John Brodie’s support during its formation.  The council is already planning its next networking event and they are looking forward to watching the network grow while it focuses on diversity and inclusion.  There is a great response from old boys wanting to volunteer their various talents and the OBDC values the efforts they want to share with their St. Bernard’s family in that place they can call home.

Much appreciation to the pioneering OBDC members for organizing a successful event.  The Old Boys Diversity Council members are:  Derek Chang ’96, Max Cubilette ’02, Zack O’Malley Greenburg ’99, A.J. Houston ’03, Charles Miller ’98, Jonathan Perez ’96, Nadine Thomas, and Miklos Vasarhelyi ’96.  If you are interested in learning more and becoming involved with OBDC, please e-mail