The school consists of a kindergarten and nine grades.  There are three divisions: the Junior School, Kindergarten and Grades I-III; the Middle School, Grades IV-VI; and the Upper School, Grades VII-IX.  Kindergarten has two classes, and Grades I-III are divided into three sections.  Grades IV-VIII are divided into two sections, with approximately twenty boys in each section.  There is one ninth grade class.

Common to all three divisions of the school is a belief in the boys and in the value of learning, hard work, and fun. 

All of these—basic literacy and skill with numbers, discipline, intellectual enthusiasm—are their own reward.  They would not be attainable without a faculty of remarkable talent and spirit, with unusually long tenure and strong loyalty to the school and to their students.  We expect St. Bernard’s teachers to teach carefully and responsibly, to form a class with its own personality while recognizing the value of each boy within it.  They understand that character, integrity, and kindness are as important as intellectual accomplishment.  St. Bernard’s wants its boys to pursue learning before grades, to take pleasure in helping others, and to do their very best with what they have.